O God, creator of all that is… I thank you for the cooler temperatures, orange and yellow hues of leaves and for bite-sized pieces of wonderful Halloween confections. Tiny morsels in every shape and flavor – gummy bears wrapped in small packages! Best of all… CANDY CORN! (yes, brown candy corn too!).

“I’m going to buy this for the kiddies,” I lie to myself.

“You bought candy corn…” Geoff whines.

A friend of mine mixed candy corn and peanuts – doubly delicious.

I shake some out… just a few pieces. What is it about the waxy, overly sweetness that makes it soooooo good? First, nibble off the white section? Or the yellow top? Pop it in your mouth! God, help me, save me from myself so that there will be treats left for the kids.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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