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Can lilies grow in sand?

The Bible says in Matthew 6:28 that lilies don’t worry, but could lilies grow in sand? I’m guessing probably not. And yet the beach is full of life. There are countless things living in the water! And above the water too! Flowers grow in the dunes, but not lilies.

On the beach, we also find life that was – in skeleton shells. I always wonder what animal could have possibly lived in such a tiny shell? After seeing so many shells in my lifetime, I haven’t seen very many of the creatures that inhabited them. But they lived regardless of my witness.

The sea’s vastness is a mystery too. Here in Wilmington, NC, I have the opportunity to walk to the end. Eventually, I’d come to the place where the ocean and Cape Fear river meet. My choices would be to get on a boat or turn around and walk back.

“What’s the point of walking down to the end? It would get you nowhere?”

And maybe that is the point?! To go nowhere is to go everywhere – into the limitless possibility of what’s next: healing, change, growth, provision, potential… promise? The joy is in the journey.

The ocean hitting the shore over and over reminds me that life is always changing. As each wave is different that gives me hope that things can always be new. I’m going to keep walking.

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