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Prayers & Blog

by Pastor Meg McBride

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You won’t find me on Fridays because I’ll be in the pottery studio!

Grow Rouge & Blossom

I know you can hardly see it, but trust me – it’s there. Somehow this one rogue azalea branch avoided the sharp cut of the hedge trimmers! She’s rebounded and reemerged after a harsh “haircut” and I can see her from the window reaching and stretching to soak in the sunlight. When I first noticed…

Found Poetry –

You Don’t Understand this Prospect of Becoming It’s a far voyage for many people and they thought we would fail. some of the most treacherous fellow humans maliciously would block our path. Many stories haven’t been charted yet. Useen we were into the vast stretch we traveled. They said, “You’re crazy,” We wondered, “why am…


I was awake at 1:16am because I was chilly and conveniently adjusted the thermostat from my phone. Might as well get up and use the bathroom – walking 20 short steps to relieve myself on a warm toilet seat. Back to sleep! Or not… By 2:12am, I was wide awake – my mind whirling and…

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