by Pastor Meg McBride

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You won’t find me on Fridays because I’ll be in the pottery studio!


I was awake at 1:16am because I was chilly and conveniently adjusted the thermostat from my phone. Might as well get up and use the bathroom – walking 20 short steps to relieve myself on a warm toilet seat. Back to sleep! Or not… By 2:12am, I was wide awake – my mind whirling and…


Dear God, Master Maker of sugar cane… is this what you had in mind? All-knowing God did you ever think we would wrap pure sugar in bright packages and feed handfuls to our children?  “Trick or Treat” in a parade of disguises, joy, laughter and surprises!  Community connecting and celebrating by sharing confections. A space…

Ghandi Sits Still

     Rev. Paula Zabkar told a story in her Sunday service @ Spiritual Soul Center this week about Ghandi. After returning to India after 20 years absent, Ghandi traveled the country to see for himself the condition of the county.  He witnessed the deep needs of India’s people who were being oppressed under Britain’s rule. All Ghandi’s people wanted him…

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