by Pastor Meg McBride

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You won’t find me on Fridays because I’ll be in the pottery studio!

Sleepy Monday Afternoon

It’s only Monday afternoon and I’m sleepy. There’s so much on the “to do” list! I’ve stared at the same spreadsheet for the past ten minutes and nothing on it has changed or made more sense. I still don’t know what I’m looking at. Why didn’t I put a comfy couch in this office? Is … Continue reading Sleepy Monday Afternoon

Beach Walk

I walked the beach twice this week – thinking about Carol. Was she “out there”? Could she see me? Could she hear me thinking about her? I pondered on the deep ocean – the out-there-ness of it. I wondered about the mystery, the unknown, the uncharted and the deep. I like to stay in the … Continue reading Beach Walk

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