In-person Gathering begins

September 2nd, 2021

Thursdays @ 6:30pm

3403 Winston Blvd (Devon Park UMC)

At Hope Recovery, we host spaces that cultivate healing in order to discover freedom from “addictions” of any sort – after all… we are all recovering from something. Together, we rediscover our sacred worth in life-affirming community by eating, learning and sharing together, which inspires us to go out into the world to serve our neighbors.

Introducing Hope Recovery Community

We cultivate spaces of LOVE, SAFETY and BELONGING.

BELONG with Others

Everyone is welcome.

We affirm all people.

Every person is unique with their own story to tell.

We seek to create a community in which everyone matters. This includes all people living with addictions of any kind, recovering persons, survivors, hurting people, and parents, family members & friends too!

HEAL in Safe Space

We heal through courageous self-inquiry set in the light of God’s love for God’s created human creatures.

We recognize our ever-present state of being in need of healing.

We know we are always in a state of learning,

We courageously commit to continuous growth by engaging with one another by sharing our testimonies, experience, strength and hope.

LOVE to Serve Others

We seek to love God and our neighbor.

We believe in the value of all people and especially seek to destigmatize the popular opinion about persons living with addictions.

We will educate our neighbors by showing them, through our actions that we have much to offer the world.

Not all those who wander are lost.


Our fellowship seeks to connect people living with addictions/recovery people to God and each other by offering a raw, honest and safe space to know and be known.

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While not affiliated with nor endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
we honor, acknowledge and utilize the Principles and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous
…and its singleness of purpose.