Our Vision

We believe everyone is recovering from something.

We believe recovery is possible for all people.

We believe by faith that God meets us where we are, but God loves us too much to leave us suffering in brokenness.

We believe other hold hope for those who feel hopeless.

We believe that recovery exists in the love of Trinity — a love that is real and genuine. We see this love in the unity of the fellowship, acts of service and a growing connection with God that deepens through spiritual formation practices.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to be of service to recovering individuals and families who are still sick and suffering from the effects of any addiction or life struggle. Our hope is that people will discover freedom, peace and restoration.

Using the 12 step program of recovery as our lens, we seek to share our wisdom of our experience, strength and hope by offering a variety of ways to encounter the spirit of God.

Using our voices, we seek to advocate for recovering people and to demonstrate to the world that people in recovery are amazing and gifted people. May we each remember who God created us to be and live into that wholly and HOLY!

We invite all who are seeking a deeper connection with God to give us an honest try.

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