“Hi, Nice to meet you! I’m Pastor Meg McB. I’m a God-seeking person in recovery.

I’m Meg McBride and this is why I feel called to do this…!

In 2001, I got sober in AA in Pennsylvania when Joanne P. approached me, told me she was going to be my sponsor and took me through the AA Big Book. From working the 12 steps I was reborn. My spiritual journey has been one of variety including: “Higher Power of my own understanding,” Native American Spirituality, and Buddhism that eventually lead me to return to my roots when I had a spiritual experience listening to the Gospel in 2010 during the emotional crisis brought on by a divorce.

Deeply excited about the stories in the Bible, I studied religion (completing an undergrad in 2015) and went on to study divinity for a brief time. I dropped out of my pursuit of advanced education after my Mom died in 2016 – a time when what I needed most was to be working “in the field.” I pressed into finding God in real life and spent five years working with the homeless population of Wilmington as a healthcare advocate. My role as a caseworker taught me great lessons about pain, suffering and holding hope for people who feel utterly hopeless.

For the first 10 years of my sobriety, I was an active member of AA in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where I hosted a Big Book meeting called “Women’s 164.” When I moved to North Carolina in 2011, I was a home group member of “Just a Meeting Meeting” until I felt called to share my experience, strength and hope in Celebrate Recovery (CR). For six years, I participated and lead the CR at Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church. In the spring of 2019, we discerned the group was ready for a new direction and I stepped down as the leader and concentrated on the possibility of church planting a recovery community.

Due to covid-19, I presently attend meetings online and have been utilizing speaker tapes of AA, NA and ACOA from You Tube. I just completed a 4th step inventory with Karen J. from Santa Fe, NC and Sandra K. from Wilmington, NC and am working on a new set of 9th Step amends.

I am excited by spiritual formation practices and try to participate in growing and deepening my relationship with God in group settings as often as I can. I have a therapist and a life coach who also help me to see my part and keep my side of the street clean. Self reflection and continuing to grow is a necessary part of my recovery and I believe it is invaluable for those of us who wish to stay clean/sober and live healthy and productive lives that contribute to the world around us.

In the summer of 2017, after finishing up a 4th Step, I got an intuitive sense that I was to establish a “recovery church” in Wilmington. I have been writing, meditating and praying on this vision for many years. To be candid, there where were several times I was ready to forget it and walk away… but the Holy Spirit continued to call me forward. In July 2020, I was asked to begin working on establishing a spiritual recovery community in Wilmington, NC for persons with the lived experience of 12th step recovery. This work is being supported by The United Methodist Church.

I presently have dreams, ideas, sermons/lessons and lots of passion and excitement. I am committed to move forward in action and faith. I am praying to meet others who might walk this journey with me and help become part of the foundation of Hope Recovery Community.

My hope is that by the Spring of 2021, we will be meeting once a week (probably on a Tuesday evening) for fellowship, food, prayer, and singing to deepen our relationship to God, to strengthen our recoveries and create life-long friends in fellowship. We are called to share mutual support and love with one another in order that we all will continue to grow personally, so that we might better serve God, help others and be contributing members to our local community.

Until that time, I am working on establishing an online community – www.hrconline.org. Please join us there for self-paced teachings, inspirational messages and MORE!!!

I am meeting folks face to face and I would love to take you out for coffee (socially distanced, of course!)!!!

Please feel free to contact me at 910-523-9739 or at hoperecoveryWILM@gmail.com.

In Love and Service, Meg McB.