You Don’t Understand this Prospect of Becoming

It’s a far voyage

for many people

and they thought we would fail.

some of the most treacherous fellow humans

maliciously would block our path.

Many stories haven’t been charted yet.

Useen we were

into the vast stretch we traveled.

They said, “You’re crazy,”

We wondered, “why am I going?” Yes! To prove my existence

I’ll go all the way

There is considerable method in our madness.

& countless days

pouring over our tears

studying our next moves

we developed safers and better ways


we maneuvered more effectively

with strong evidence & knowledge allies.

Clashes were predictable

we met the friendly and unfriendly

determined to follow God’s navigation

determined to LOVE

You don’t understand this prospect of becoming

stretched out before you and after you.

before were we here!

God joyously

& ceremonially created with optimism and awe.

God feed us & wash us & carry us.

God thanked us for our becoming

God circled around us & kept us safe

slicing through lies

to be with us in Jesus

In Christ we floated with remarkable ease.

thankful for the care of God.


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