O God, Creator, Mastermind and Sustainer, you empower us with the gift of technology and advancements – I bemoan my flip-top water bottle for it has failed me. Fountain water at Wilmington airport is warm and stale. Flying north, wetness slowly leaking onto paper, cloth and cords. Deplaning, damp pack drips down my back, waiting forever for our rental, getting backwards headed to destination.
Discomforted, whining and wet,
Then I notice… the homeless humans – stationed on Baltimore’s corners.
Quiet… nodding… waiting…
That familiar dampness in my eyes, pang of heart, vastness in gut. Here too.
Reminding, Re-righting, Revealing.
Sitting on concrete will anyone give a cup of cold water?
God, thank you for not letting me get too far into myself, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

I pray today that when you are disturbed by the things that challenge your comfort, God will bring your attention back to those who have not and are in need.
Love, Pastor Meg

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