This past weekend Geoff and I flew to Baltimore, MD to catch live performance of his favorite band, Lord Huron. Baltimore was the closest the group was coming to Wilmington, so we thought we’re’d act like groupies and make it a road trip. We intended to drive the 8 hours, but hen decided to fly so we could get there faster and easier. The show was great and we visited a few local attractions. It was a fun weekend.

Coming home, I was already tense when we were unable to find the car rental drop-off location, took a bumpy bus ride to the departure gates and then needed to see an airline agent to check in. Standing barefoot in the TSA line, waiting to go through the scan machine that makes me feel so exposed, I said the Geoff, “I think I prefer driving.” Sure, it takes longer and one runs the risk of being delayed due to traffic, but there’s something empowering about having choices and agency over one’s trip. There’s an adventure in driving and seeing what is around you from the ground. And your charging station is always ready and with you.

In the car, you can pack all your comforts (cooler, snacks and extra clothes) and you can stop when you need to. You can hit the first Wawa you see (only the best convenience store ever!) to grab a celebratory welcome-to-the-north soft pretzel and coffee with real heavy cream! You can take in the scenery and take it easy. On car trips, looking out the window, I often imagine what it might be like to live in the city or town we are passing through? Or what is life like in the mountains instead of at the beach? As we pass houses, I imagine who lives there and what their life might be like? Road trips are often an adventure for my imagination.

Sure, flying is faster, but I prefer the adventure of driving to my destinations. I think I get recharged on the longer journey. Sometimes the longer way is the better way. 

I’ll say good-bye for now as the plane is ready to taxi and I need to save what battery power I have left for Netflix! 
See you on the ground in ILM!

Pastor Meg

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