Cooler temperatures have increased my desire to get outside and do yard work – something I really enjoy and find relaxing. I was mowing our “grass” (if that’s what you can call what is growing – and NOT growing in our yard!) on Saturday, when the mower battery ran out. Not having the backup battery charged, I walked away thinking, “Well, I’ve got about 30 minutes to wait until I can continue my work.”

It’s Monday and guess what???… I just took this picture of the mower sitting exactly where I left it on Saturday. Not only did I “charge my battery” on Saturday by spending the rest of the day relaxing, I “charged my battery” on Sunday as well.

Rest and relaxation are important. We measure our success and progress on all the stuff we get done. Well, I have actually been trying to build minutes and hours of rest and/or relaxation into my work days. I work a little and come home and walk the dog or jump in the pool for 15 minutes. Somedays, I might even lay on the sofa and close my eyes for an hour. I am finding that a mix of rest/relaxation is actually helping my productivity and creativity when I do sit down to work. What if I started to measure my productivity on my resting?

It’s OK to leave the project sit in the middle of the yard and go rest. It’s still there… it’s not keeping track of time and and it’s not waiting for you. The pressure is off. It will get done. Try to give yourself the gift of rest and relaxation this week. Pause, Breath and say “Ahhhh….!” Go take a nap or a bath or a an entire day off!

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