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Blog: How I Dream

When I get a thought I write it down on a large whiteboard hanging next to my desk in my home office. I guess it’s my vision board, but as a “words person,” for me its always about the text. This has been the place to record the “inklings” that seem to literally pop into my head (strangely often when I am in the shower! Which leads me to digress… I once had a sponsee who would call me to help her problem solve an issue. She’d lay it all out and say, “Now go take a shower and call me back with your answer!”).

On this board I have written, “A home where all grow, serve, transform together,” in reference to the Hope Recovery building on Winston Ave. On Sunday, August 7th, we began hosting a congregation called Spiritual Soul Center in our space. As I sat in the congregation, listening to Rev. Paula Zabkar expound on her vision and journey of getting to our space, I cried with joy. THIS IS IT! What I hoped, dreamed and prayed for. For each paint brush stroke, toilet cleaned and piece of art meticulously chosen… we have over the past months recreated the church into a space of welcome, beauty and a place that feels like home. This is exactly what I intended and intend our space to be – a sanctuary for anyone seeking deeper healing in the light and love of God’s Grace. A place where you can say, “I belong here,” and sink in.

I”ll continue to dream my dreams, record the “pops” of thought that strangely fly into my brain as I’m shaving my legs in the shower (TMI!?) and you’ll find me dancing in the sanctuary with the music blasting when I’m in the building alone (sorry neighbors!). May God continue to bless, work in and redeem this little church on Winston Ave. so it will be used and useful, a beacon of light in the darkness and a place where people find love, safety and belonging. My cup runs over.

Amen. Gracious and loving God, I give you A MILLION THANKS!!!

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