the Ware River, Gloucester Courthouse, VA

Last week I talked about the passing of time in reference to being on vacation with our family and getting to spend time with my two adult sons who I wish I saw more often (they live in PA and I live in NC). On the last morning together, after packing up the cars, we said our “good-byes” and I cried as we pulled out of the driveway. Following my son Will down the country road to the main highway where he turned right and we went left. In that moment, I could have put my head down into my hands and sobbed – grateful for the wonderful week we shared and also sad about the week’s ending and how long it would be until I saw them again.

I took a video of the Ware River’s waves to try and “hold” the moment and the memories of our time together. 58 seconds of waves – until the last 2 seconds when my husband Geoff comes into the audio and asks me a question, “Are you video taping waves?”

Hit “stop” – I was video taping waves until you talked into my video!!!

Life is full of interruptions. Life is full of short and long moments, precious and delightful moments, and even sad moments. My prayer for myself is that when I am in the wonderful moments, the moments that really matter like spending time with the people I love, gazing at God’s glorious creation from the kayak seat, or watching my son’s joy at casting a line for fish that I can really BE in that moment with gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation sharing my self, my love and God’s love with all that is around me.

Andrew fishing (or at least trying to catch fish!)

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