50 Days of Summer Campaign

Donations can be made at https://www.abikeforeverychild.org/donations/

June 2021. School is out and local kids are looking for things to do. A few have shown up everyday at A Bike for Every Child wanting to learn, help and work. It’s been a great opportunity to teach the trade of bike mechanics to curious and energetic learners.

The action of turning, twisting and adjusting bikes together has allowed for playful banter, story telling and even the sharing of deep secrets. Some of the kids coming to the bike shop everyday live in environments of violence, addiction and poverty – regular witnesses to gang activity, drug use and sexual exploitation. Some are hungry, are not wearing proper shoes and/or clothing and in need of basic necessities. We have heard them on the phone with their family members – you can get a sense of the relationship though language, response, facial expressions…

What amazes us the most is the trust and confidence the kids have in us to share these intimate parts of their lives. They look to A Bike for Every Child Director, Dusty Casteen for advice, friendship and a sense of security. The shop has become a safe space of welcome, inviting them to be themselves in a caring environment.

The staff and volunteers of A Bike for Every Child have been using our own pocket money for pizza, socks and even sneakers, but we’ve discerned the need is bigger than our in-house funds and our merger personal efforts to help these kids.

Would you consider helping out the kids for the summer to provide food and other necessities as they arise for the young men who are calling A Bike for Every Child their summer respite and home. We believe this is an opportunity to influence the lives and futures of bright, incredible and hope-filled young men!

50 Days of Summer x $25 a day for food = $1250 

+ additional funds for necessities = GOAL $2500.

Donations can be made at https://www.abikeforeverychild.org/donations/